Eco fingerprint

Our planet is changing and changing rapidly. Protecting global resources and stopping global warming, is one of today’s greatest challenges. Every activity in modern daily life burdens the environment and reinforces the climate change phenomenon. Most of us already know the little changes we can make as individuals in order to help reduce the number of particles on the planet. The best known way is recycling. Our company, out of respect for the environment, actively contributes to the protection of the planet.


In this way, the 3D wall panels are made of 100% organic materials. Various types of recycled wood are used, thus reducing the rate of release of carbon compounds into the atmosphere. Afterwards, they are painted with environmentally friendly water-based varnishes. The special composition allows them to penetrate the wood and protect it from environment attacks. Finally, they are saturated with environmentally friendly, organic oils. The composition is organic or contains traces of solvents.

Wood recycling helps reduce the negative environmental impact because it reduces the need to cut down trees. After all, wood comes from a non-recyclable source. If the cutting of trees is not controlled, it will have a devastating effect on the environment. Wood recycling is the most viable option when it comes to producing new wood products. Therefore, by supporting wood recycling, we also contribute to saving the environment. This, also, minimizes the destruction of more waste in landfills.


Wood is known to be one of the greenest materials that can be used for construction and fuel. However, it must be carefully supplied so that there is no risk of deforestation and loss of biodiversity. Fortunately, there are some resources available to ensure the environmentally friendly use of wood.